Sunday, 1 January 2012

Investment Banking Careers

Investment Banking Careers are unique in that the most highly remunerated consultants are not paid a salary but instead receive a percentage of what they produce. So why should consultants accept a small consideration for their efforts when they do all the work? Well there are many facts of investment banking careers and not each consultant does all the work for any one client. Investment banking careers are in fact a team effort.

The corporate entity which has the market place image is able to contribute in bringing clients to the enterprise through its image and reputation, it assembles the team of skilled investment banking consultants - selecting from the myriad of applicants for investment banking careers, assigns roles to each and then mentors, monitors and manages the team to achieve the desired outcomes for clients and the investment bankers.

Not all investment banking careers are the same - due to the many facets involved in client management, product and financial program designs plus share market listings - just to itemize a few of the key aspects of the business. Irrespective of which niche you may find yourself in with an investment bank your potential annual earnings is in the seven (7) figure bracket.
Don't think that you are cut out for an investment banking career straight from college. All the degree you have indicates is that you can learn! And right from day one of your investment banking career you start both on the job learning as well as additional structured training that you can not receive during your college education. You might also be required to take supplementary subjects at a university or financial institute to round off your competencies with accounting, share markets and business practices and concepts. And while all this is going on you have to spend 40 hours a week at least dealing with clients and working on investment banking projects.

Phew what an ordeal you say? Well first year out consultants wet behind the ears at the commencement of the investment banking careers the base salary averages around $70,000 with a matching bonus. If you are cut out for the job then beginning year 3 your might except your base to be removed and you work soley on percentages of what you produce. In one of the newest firms on the street Bourse Capital those who have chosen investment banking careers average around $30,000 a month - even in their first year.

An unusual twist with Bourse Capital is normally they do not recruit from the investment banker pools but instead prefer to choose individuals with some business experience, a basic university degree and plenty of person skills. There is additional in-house training to suit the job and a requirement to take specified formal education - not with the purpose producing any certification but simply to ensure competency in certain areas of the investment banking business.

Therefore if your business or chosen career is not producing well over $300,000 a year you can get on board with Bourse Capital even at a senior age without prior experience and join the throng clambering for investment banking careers.

Investment Bank Careers

Investment Bank careers offer the highest paying employment on the planet. First year out investment bankers can expect over $150,000 including bonus. But that is just a drop in the ocean for the more experienced investment bankers. A new player on the investment banking scene is offering investment bank careers for less experienced but more senior aged business people who can bring personal skills to the table. Instead of looking for rocket scientist types Bourse Capital is focusing on business oriented executives who have a basic university degree in any subject, a few years management or business experience and a willingness to undertake further education in specialized areas of investment banking.

A major area of interest for Bourse Capital is depressed smallish public companies who may be in need of capital, revitalization or an improvement in share price. With balance sheet recasting and collateral building programs Bourse Capital can lift a languishing company out of the doldrums and create interest by share market investors. An unique feature of the Bourse Capital program is they do not ask their client companies for any cash as fee payments but instead accept shares in lieu of bank notes. That certainly demonstrates confidence in their ability to deliver results for client companies.

After you watch the video decide if you really want into this business. The video depicts the worst - and the next article will you you the best. There are winners and losers. Bourse Capital's novel approach to helping small companies ensures that people around benefit. You will meet all types in your investment bank career. Without calling names for the arch-enemies; Bourse Capital intends to be the white knight on World Share Markets. There are 3 essentials for job applicants - intelligence, ethics and decisiveness.

Consultants choosing an investment bank career with Bourse Capital are not paid a conventional wage but instead get to share in the free share allocations from client companies - giving them a chance to both turn some of the share offerings into immediate cash as well as benefiting from the market upside potential. If you have prior business experience, like dealing with people and prepared to learn more about financial statement analysis and how to raise capital for languishing small companies consider an Investment Bank Career at Bourse Capital.